Nutrition & LONG LIFE

We feed our puppies and dogs a combination of high quality dog food (Life's Abundance) and supplements (NuVet) which are available from two separate companies. We have an impressive history of healthy dogs which is a direct result of excellent lines and excellent food.

Health Guarantee & nutritionAL requirement

We have always encouraged folks to continue our food-supplement protocol, but as of Fall of 2017, it is now a requirement to receive our two-year health guarantee. We do this for one reason: to ensure the health of your puppy and consistency of our lines.

Two other things you should know about Life's Abundance Dog Food. First, my longtime mentor Mary (who is a whole lot smarter than me) began using this food around 2004 and has had nothing but healthy litters and pups. And second, there isn't another food out there that is this reasonably priced and this nutritious. Plus they have NEVER had a recall. 

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Nutritious Food Reasonably Priced

Supplements That Make a Difference

Supplements That Make a Difference

We encourage you to research Life's Abundance Dog food further. There is a terrific pull down menu at their site that allows comparison to other brands and really clarifies the nutritional differences.

Our puppies eat All Life Stage Dog Food (in the green bag.)

To Order Lifes Abundance Dog Food:

When you click on link above, look for the small cube graphic to the right of the picture of bag of food (no need to count cups!) They do the math based on age and weight of pup. Goldens head home about 10 lbs; Bernies 18 lbs. Purchasing through auto-ship offers a significant discount. 

And if you order a couple bags at a time, you'll save even more on shipping. You can go online and modify your auto ship at any time. 


Supplements That Make a Difference

Supplements That Make a Difference

Supplements That Make a Difference

 All of our dogs receive a NuVet supplement every day. All puppies receive a  supplement beginning at week six. 

Please click on the link below to learn more about the benefits of NuVet supplements.


And as mentioned, it's the food/supplement combo that my mentor has used for years with excellent results. We've personally used this combo for 10 years and would not think of changing no matter how pretty some of the packaging is at pet stores.


Nutrition & Experience

Supplements That Make a Difference

Nutrition & Experience

 We appreciate that both of these companies provide us with quarterly tracking reports. 

We have no interest in nagging folks to see that they are ordering. We simply want to do what's best for our puppies. In the event that there ever is a health issue, we want to be able to see that our protocol has been followed to honor the two-year health guarantee.

 Hope that makes sense. 

And happy to share more in a call. 

Please feel free to share this information with dog lovers in your circle.