Thoughtfully bred goldendoodle & bernedoodle puppies

Thoughtfully bred goldendoodle & bernedoodle puppies

Thoughtfully bred goldendoodle & bernedoodle puppiesThoughtfully bred goldendoodle & bernedoodle puppiesThoughtfully bred goldendoodle & bernedoodle puppies

Welcome to Our New Site

We specialize in Goldendoodes and Bernedoodles for one simple reason: We love the breeds. Whether you're a family with young children or a senior with limited mobility, these versatile breeds offer a great mix of intelligence, next-to-no-shedding and an energy level that adapts to most environments.  

Our puppies sure are cute, but it's our sensory training with every puppy that has earned us a reputation for excellence. We are proud to be a trusted resource for loving families with special needs children, devoted principals and special education teachers, and brave veterans readjusting to life at home.

And while we are best known in the special needs community, anyone providing a loving home is welcome to adopt a Harrington Doodle.

About Us



Our Goldendoodles come in a variety of solid colors (cream, caramel, chocolate and black) to two-tone parti-doodles like the caramel and white boy above. Next Goldendoodle pups arriving April 2020.

Chocolate Abstracts


They're here! After years of selective breeding, our dark chocolate and white "abstract" parti-doodles have arrived. Coats are teddy-bear soft with deep chocolate patches. We will continue this line with next pups due summer of 2020.



We quietly began a line of spectacular Bernedoodles - a lovely cross between a Bernese Mountain dog (known for their extra “chill” disposition) and Poodle - for our special needs kids who simply needed a bigger dog.  Mama Greta is pregnant and pups will be born in March 2020


Happy to Help

I'm Barbara Harrington, with Harrington Doodles. I welcome a call whether you're just researching the breeds or ready to puppy-proof the house. Enjoy sharing what we've learned and hearing more about what you need. Best way to connect is text and let me know a time to chat briefly by phone. Email good too! 

Everyone in the family is engaged. Whether it's helping to greet visitors, assisting with training or leading a backyard romp. In fact, our first logo (below) was designed by Son #1 when we started about 10 years ago.