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Transporting Pups

Health Guarantee

We are interested in speaking with you! To hear about your likes and dislikes, ideal timing, and all the other considerations that come with exploring an addition to the family.

Onsite visits welcome by appointment. And when we can use technology, we do! FaceTime and Google Duo are nice ways to connect and see if we might be a good fit.

 Contract forwarded following personal conversation.

 A non-refundable deposit of $250 holds your spot.  Preference given  in order received. However, we reserve the right to decline any buyer under any circumstances if we feel it is in the best interest of the puppy.

Call or Text: 716.553.5105

We are located between Buffalo & Rochester, NY


Health Guarantee

Transporting Pups

Health Guarantee

 We offer a two year health guarantee on all puppies. (Details on the Food tab.)  

All pups receive 6 & 8 week vaccinations. All dewormed every other week.

We offer our recommendations based on observation and experience as to which puppy might be best in terms of meeting your needs.

 Everyone who buys a puppy from Harrington Doodles is required to sign a neuter/spay agreement. 

Our goal is simple. To place each puppy in a loving home and enrich the lives of owners.


Transporting Pups

Transporting Pups

Transporting Pups

Seems the folks who need us, find us.  And we have delivered pups around the country.

With advance notice, we can usually drive your puppy. We charge 60 cents per mile (round trip.) We can go door-to-door, but prefer to meet halfway. If puppy needs to go on a plane or train, there is a $300- $500 delivery charge on top of the ticket. 

Puppy will remain in the plane or train cabin with us at all times.


Border Training

Thinking about a system for your yard? We are all about safety and love John's GentleSteps Training. It is affordable and so worth a phone call to explore!


Will be honest -- We were hesitate initially about any system. Thought, "I don't want my dogs zapped!" As it turns out, there are many features to this system and training. For example, our dogs have never even experienced a zap because they respond to the preliminary warning sound. Which is a testament to John's great training. And there are various settings that can be used.

Everyone on his staff is experienced and knowledgeable. Plus, his personal dogs, believe it or not, help with a significant part of the training!

As we've said.... worth exploring.