teddy & his girl

Teddy is the most amazing dog. Just a pleasure from day one! Feel so grateful that a personal referral led us to Harrington Doodles. Just can't imagine a better dog! Or a more spectacular coat! Nicole & Family, Western New York

folks are saying



Even with a houseful of people, he is a good boy! We can never get another dog because I just can't imagine there ever being another quite as awesome as Clark. Just so happy we were referred to Harrington Doodles! 

Jen & Family

Williamsville, NY



Hattie came into our lives  when we needed her most. She was prepared as promised.... comfortable in the crate... and smart as can be. And a wavy chocolate coat that looks fabulous shaggy or tightly trimmed.

Elizabeth & Family 

Rochester, NY



Bodi is handsome, smart and not afraid to strut his stuff poolside. Folks marvel at his disposition where ever we go. Doodles are popular, for sure, but it's the sensory training and all the extras so lovingly handled by Harrington Doodles that set him apart.

Kim, Hamburg NY



Our boy is so handsome and we hear compliments on every walk. But really it's his personality that is irresistible. Somehow Waffles makes everyone in the family feel like he loves them best.

-Linda & Family, WNY



Murphy is very sweet & doing great! She even tolerates kids putting her in costume! She breezed through house training and picked up on sit, shake and rollover in no time! Just a very quick learner. Thanks for everything you did to help shape this wonderful pupper.

Missy & Family

Lansing, Michigan



Meet Lizzie! She has a pretty important job helping out her human, Principal David. Lizzie is loving and sweet and picked up on additional training like a pro! And we know the early sensory training and loving attention from Harrington Doodles made all the difference.

Dave & Family

New Jersey



Okay, so we like him shaggy! Finely is the boy who blends in and makes friends always. Great with children from the get-go, patient with our elderly neighbors, he's just perfect in every way.

Rob & Family, Arizona



Cannot believe how fortunate i was to find Harrington Doodles. My chocolate doggo has the most stunning white markings and he is just so quick to learn. 

Bryanna, Rochester NY



Our chocolate and white boy is softer than imaginable. And he fit right in from day one! Just so happy to have been referred to Harrington Doodles!

Suzette & Family