beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Let's face it - Everyone's idea of a cute dog is different. We want to know what look is most appealing to you! Most of our pups grow to have a loose wavy coat that is teddy bear soft and easy to groom.

And with our reputation for sensory training, you can pick the puppy you find cutest because we handle the temperament and personality.

We typically breed twice a year and encourage folks to get to know us and secure a spot on a Waiting List. 

Dogs are part of the family and live in our home. 

UPcoming litters


Goldendoodle Puppies

 Our stunning chocolate and white "abstract" parti-doodle pups have arrived and headed home end of January 2020. Expect various solid colors as well as chocolate and white abstracts in next litters.

Next Litters --  Due in April; Home in June (7 on list) 

Due in May; Home July (3 on list)


Bernedoodle Puppies

 We have quietly begun a line of spectacular Bernedoodles; a lovely cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle These are larger dogs and will mature in the 60 - 85 pound range, depending on size of mom. It all began when parents of a special needs teenager asked if we could "build a bigger" doodle to meet his medical needs. Who knew they'd become so popular! 

Next Litters - Fall 2020 (3 on list) & Spring 2021 (3 on list)

Accepting deposits for both upcoming litters.

Seeking exceptional Guardian Home for Bernedoodle puppy (to head home May 3) Email for details.


Getting Exactly What You Want

 We love planners. And most of our pups are spoken for well in advance. A non-refundable $250 deposit goes toward your purchase price and holds your spot on a Waiting List. We speak with everyone personally who is interested in a pup. We have no problem placing our pups, so there's never a hard sell in any way.

We want to know your preferences - color/gender/coat. Ultimately folks pick in order on the Waiting List. So if you fall in love with someone unexpected, you can change your mind. What we don't do it take 8 deposits from folks who know they want a cream boy. 



Meet Frankie.... 

One of our service dogs thriving in school. He just made the news!