Our story

An unplanned adventure that began when my adult brother was seriously disabled as an archaeologist, led me to a woman who changed both our lives... A savvy poodle breeder six hours from our home and one of the first doodle breeders in the country. 

Mary hand picked the chocolate Labradoodle who would give my brother a reason to get out of bed. And it was nothing short of magic when they were introduced.

Years later, I met three women with autistic boys, who were starting a charity to provide service dogs to other special needs families. But their kids had pretty severe allergies and they were struggling to find non-shedding or light shedding dogs to bring into the program. And I knew just who to call.

What began as a one-time effort to help the charity (with loads of mentoring from Mary!) is now Harrington Doodles. It's been ten years.

The Basics


We are the proud owners of ultra-sweet, thoughtfully-bred doodles. We breed for temperament, intelligence and all around good looks! 


Our dogs live with the family, in our house, and are exceptionally well-socialized with children of all ages as well as other dogs and cats.

Because we are a smaller breeder, we can take the time to provide sensory training as well as potty training to every puppy. They aren't fully housebroken at eight weeks, but well on their way!

From time-to-time we can make connections for someone seeking an older puppy or adult dog. We also occasionally place puppies in guardian homes. If either of are interest, give a call or email.



Sensory Training


 Our puppies are prepared to go into service training from day one, which makes for amazingly confident, easy-to-train dogs. We introduce gentle relaxation techniques, new sensations, smells, sounds and a whole host of comforting experiences from time of birth until placed in their "forever" homes. 

Our pups are comfortable with all aspects of grooming, introduced to walking on a leash, sleeping in a crate and many other extras that nurture intelligence, build confidence and set the groundwork for an easy transition from our home to yours. 

Everyone leaves with a training plan tailored to their needs.

Years of Thoughtful Breeding Translate Into


The most allergy-friendly dog.

Ultra soft and fluffy coat with next-to-no shedding.

Wonderful temperament.

High intelligence & easy to train.

40 - 60 lb Goldendoodles

60 - 85 lb Bernedoodles

And, adaptable energy level.  

What does that look like? If you're ready to play outside, your Doodle will join you. If you're under the weather and nursing a cold​, they are happy to curl up by your feet for hours!




There are times when we are asked, "Why create a designer dog when there are so many at shelters?" 

Fair question.    

For some people, a shelter dog works just fine. It worked for us before having children. But now, we need a well-trained dog who is friendly and predictable. 


And, yes, who​se shedding is next to nothing.




We are proud to serve as an advisor to Blessings Unleashed, a national non-profit organization that provides uniquely trained service dogs and companion dogs for children with autism.



 We learned about doodles from a documentary about 20 years ago that told the story of a family in Colorado in desperate need of an "allergy-friendly" dog for their young son.

A Labradoodle breeder from Australia (the only country breeding at the time) reached out to an organization in the states that then coordinated five dog lovers to help transport this puppy from an airport in Miami to their home outside of Boulder.

My brother Todd, met the dog and owners (totally by chance!) when traveling cross county years ago. He had stopped to gas up near the Grand Tetons in Wyoming when a unique looking dog in the car next to him caught his eye. 

He spoke up and commented to the owners, that their dog resembled this stunning dog he'd seen on a documentary years early called a Labradoodle.


To which the owners replied:

"This IS the dog from the documentary!"